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KN Tabletop Air Cleaner in Toronto, Ontario for sale

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Selling KN Tabletop Air Cleaner (Used)
**Item is used and in excellent working condition**
Retail for $250 at store

This Electronic Air Cleaner/ NegativeIonizer & VOC Filter is the perfect solution to indoor air pollution! Electronically removes dust, mites, pollen, mold, bacteria, viruses, pet dander, tobacco smoke particles, cooking smoke and grease, and more, down to 0.01 micron (1/2,540,000 of an inch). It is user-friendly with no complicated controls and easy to access filters that are easy to maintain. Removes irritating airborne allergens which is a must for allergy, asthma and respiratory sufferers. Helps smokers and non-smokers live and work together in harmony by reducing or eliminating offensive tobacco, cooking or pet odours. Helps reduce housekeeping time and redecorating costs by removing the black, greasy and staining airborne particles. Most importantly it improves indoor air quality for a healthier, more comfortable environment, year-round. Made in Canada.

WEBCODE: W- 4232700
Washable Permanent Prefilter captures large particles of dirt, lint and hair. Simply washes clean.
Lifetime, Environmentally-Friendly, Two-Stage Electronic Filter attracts pollutants like a magnet and washes clean with DAX Detergent. Heavy-duty filter has more effective filtration area than most disposable filters or other air cleaners on market.
Activated Carbon Odour & Gas VOC Filter helps remove Volatile Organic Compounds emitted from carpets, cabinets, glues, household cleaners, paints, varnishes, solvents, personal care products, tobacco and cooking smoke, and more.
Dual Negative Ionizer emits healthy negative ions into clean air stream to revitalize air, just like after a rainfall, near a waterfall or spring. Studies show that negative ions have a beneficial effect on human biochemistry, physically and mentally.
Quiet 3-Speed Fan for comfortable operation and optimum cleaning efficiency.
Performance Indicator Light shows air cleaner is working properly at a glance.
All metal cabinet with minimal plastic trim does not off-gas like other plastic type air cleaners or appliances
Unique air intake/exhaust design creates circular air flow patterns that never short cycle or blow directly on room occupants.
Cleans a room 240 ft² (22.3 m²) every 20 minutes. Ideal for the bedroom, family room, den, kitchen or office. Sits on table or mounts on wall.
Unit measures 18" w. x 12" d. x 5" h.

Category:  Refrigerators, ovens etc.  |  Address:  Toronto Ontario

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