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INTRO TO FOLKLORE: Contemporary Approaches to Timeless and Globe Myths.
Author: Eva M. Thury, Margaret K. Devinney.
Expecteding: Softcover Book.
Publisher: Oxford College Press; Second Edition, 2009.
ISBN-13: 0.
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Including initial contents from sources worldwide, Intro to Mythology consists of readings from Roman and greek classics (by Homer, Hesiod, Ovid, and various other writers); Nordic folklore (by Snorri Sturluson); Hindu society (The Ramayana); Chinese mythology (Nu Kwa); and from such old works as The Impressive of Gilgamesh, the Scriptures, and, brand-new to this version, the Enuma Elish. Options from Native-American sources and fairy tales and tales from Africa, Germany, and the United States are additionally included. Additionally, the writers draw contrasts between classic misconceptions and such contemporary cultural phenomena as Daniel Boone, The Wizard of Oz, and, brand-new to this version, Firefly and Harry Potter. They additionally include readings by Carl Jung, Levi-Strauss, Winner Turner, and other theorists who consider mythic product from various analytical perspectives. Ultimately, functions by Milton, Keats, Updike, and Joyce are offered as instances of modern literary contents with mythical root systems. The selections are organized into 7 topical sections: misconceptions of creation and devastation; hero and trickster myths; habit and belief; misconceptions and goals; folktale and belief; modern beliefs; and misconceptions and literature.

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