$99 Hik'in'g, Hor'seb'ack & Natur'e Guest Ranc'h (50 miles south of SE Arizona) in Toronto, Ontario


We are a Unique Wilderness and Na'ture Ran'ch Experience, a great vacation destination offering one-of-a-kind flair, energy, scenery, activities and hospitality. We offer a great chance to escape routine, work, the city, weather, cell phones and simply embrace pristine nature, offering a great vacation to just relax and enjoy our adventures.
Start planning for a visit during our fall, winter and spring seasons, wonderful times of year to visit, offering great temperatures, beauty, weather and activities.
Rates start at $99/night, all inclusive, for a visit in October. Great rates thereafter, too.
(Through our shuttle service, we personally drive you from Tucson to the Ran'ch and back, leaving the driving to us and the sightseeing to you).
The Ran'ch is a hidden jewel located a few hours south/SE of Tucson that is drawing rave reviews for its unspoiled 30,000 acre scenic wilderness, its activities, hospitality, relaxation and service...
Visit us at: tierrachamahuaecoadventures.com
What are we?
We are a one-of-a-kind vacation destination, offering world-class box canyon hikes,back country horse back riding, trekking, canyoneering, bouldering, trail rides, mountain biking, box canyons, petroglyphs, wildlife spotting, ecotours, jeeping, Dark Skies, birdwatching, kayaking (lake/river), fishing, rest and relaxation, tranquility, serenity and a pristine, scenic wilderness that is unlike anything else out there.
The land has drawn comparisons, in scenery and beauty, to a National Park by past visitors (without crowds, noise or pollution), with an exotic, otherworldly landscape that is original, unique and spectacular, with scenery exclusive to our region, to be found nowhere else.
Combined with our own unique flair, food and hospitality, our Ran'ch is sure to make for an unforgettable vacation.
With two dozen box canyons ideal for hikes, trekking, canyoneering and bouldering, with a pristine back country great for horse back riding, with a river and lake ideal for kayaking on our border, and with over one hundred kilometers of thrilling roads traversing some of the most stunning scenery you will ever see, especially if you ride with our 4x4 vehicles, our Ran'ch is sure to make for an unforgettable and great vacation.
Our Ran'ch is a perfect vacation if you are an enthusiast of the outdoors, of wilderness and of the desert. Our desert habitat and environment will showcase a landscape and its scenery that are unique to this region, of a beauty that is vastly different than anything found in the desert west, as well as anything else in the Southwest region, offering a wild, exotic and otherworldly landscape, full of exciting activities, thrills, challenges and fun.
Location: 50 miles south of SE Arizona

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