UKRAINIAN PORCELAIN FIGURES - $10 in Toronto, Ontario for sale


The Imperial Porcelain Factory - one of the oldest in Europe, the first and one of the biggest Russian enterprises producing creative porcelain. Found in St. Petersburg.
The original was called "Porcelain Manufacturing plant," from 1765 - Imperial Porcelain Manufacturing plant, in 1917 - the State Porcelain Manufacturing plant (State Porcelain Manufacturing facility (ГФЗ Г Ф З)- an abbreviation of stamp ). In 1925 the manufacturing plant in connection with the 200th anniversary of the Russian Academy of Sciences, was given the name MV Lomonosov, the business obtained a main name - the Leningrad Porcelain Manufacturing facility named by MV Lomonosov, in addition to who had the use of a brief kind - Lomonosov Porcelain Factory (ЛФЗЛ Ф З- an abbreviation of stamp, and translated as the Porcelain Manufacturing facility) - as much as 2005.
In 2005, the the decision of shareholders was once more relabelled the "Imperial Porcelain Manufacturing plant.".
Since 2005, the IPF is oriented to the production of extremely original jobs of Class "deluxe" brand name "Imperial Porcelain." Porcelain IPF stood for in the Hermitage, the Moscow Record Gallery, London's Victoria and Albert Gallery, New York's Metropolitan Museum, and so on


I offer.
decanter penguin.(hunter's vodka).

stopper is mended.$10. 2.
Salt hand"Rooster.
". The 1960s.
Height - 4 inches.
Width-3.5 inches. stopper near the bottom is lost.


3. A statuette "Panda". Porcelain, painting.
1967 - 1970 years.
Elevation 13 centimeters.
Sculptors P. Veselov, V.P. Zhbanov.
excellent health condition.


4. porcelain pet porcelain figurine (Spaniel).


5,5" by 5,5".


5. porcelain figurine of a sparrow.
Height - 2.5 inches.
length - from beak to tail - 4 inch.
perfect problem.


6. A porcelain bird.
Magpie by artist B. Vorobev. 50s.
Elevation - 10 inches.
state - excellent.


7. Tea caddy" currant division".
paint by L.V. Schekatihina-Potocki,.
a kind of "samovar", auth. E.M. Krimmer,.
design 1950.
H = 6".


8. porcelain pet dog porcelain figurine.




"Red farforist" Chudovo.
Found in 12 km from the city of CHudovo (Novgorod region).
The manufacturing facility of IE Kuznetsov (1900 - 1917) in the past, created porcelain and faience.
The manufacturing plant was nationalized in 1917. Throughout The second world war manufacturing facilities were vacated, the plant was damaged.
Mark for 1950-1960-ies - "KF in a circle", with the year and top quality.
From 2003 Manufacturing plant's name is "Kuznetsov's porcelain.".

I provide.

9. porcelain figurine.
Sis Alenushka and sibling Ivanushka.
based upon Russian folk story.

carver: Lotov N.

hand - painted.


H - 10".

stunning porcelain composition!


10. teddy bear - hockey gamer.
(Konakovo factory).


"Dulevo Porcelain Manufacturing facility" - one of the earliest Russian business for the manufacturing of porcelain. The manufacturing plant was started in 1832 by Terenty Kuznetsov. Dulevo Porcelain Manufacturing facility has acquired toughness with Matvei Kuznetsov, grand son of the creator of the manufacturing plant. MS Kuznetsov monopolized porcelain market in Russia.
He developed factories in Riga, Ukraine, and also came to be an owner of renowned enterprises Gardner and Auerbach. "Association of the manufacturing of porcelain, MS Kuznetsov in Moscow" was confirmed In 1889, and Dulevo manufacturing facility was the basis of this Organization.

11. gal with a tea pot and feline.



12." Young Ballerina ".
Dulevo, 1950-60.

Author: Ch. N. Malyshev.

Size: Height. 15.5 cm.

exceptional state.

$ 85.

I supply Ukrainian figurines of porcelain manufacturing plants -.

Kiev and Polonne.

figurines associate with mid-20th century.
no chips, no reconstructions or fractures.

13. Being a mother.
young female with a youngster.
elevation - 7'.
Polonne manufacturing facility.


14. Ukrainian embroiderer.
elevation - 8'.


15. Cinderella porcelain figurine.
elevation of 6.5 inches.

ask $ 45.

16. Female with a flower.
elevation - 11,5'.
aged Polonne (50-60th).

17. Fans.
A young couple in conventional costumes.
height - 11'.
old Polonne (50-60th).

18. porcelain figurine of elk.


19. A small sailor.
height - 3,5".
aged polonne (50-60th).


20. small dancers.

2.5 inch by 2.5 inch.


21. Bears.



22. Dancers.



All figurines are in outstanding condition!

buying it for your collection you do not overpay.

wonderful collectible is consistently a great present for your relative.
or pals.
or for yourself.

really feel cost-free to contact me anytime.

still offered.

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