STAR WARS JEDI DARK two t/ Secrets of the Sith - $25 in Toronto, Ontario for sale


I am marketing this Windows PC Video game total in original box. All things are in mint problem.

Mysteries of the Sith is set 5 years after the events of Superstar Wars Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II, proceeding from the "light side" ending. Kyle Katarn (voiced by Rino Romano) is now a Jedi Master and has taken on Mara Jade (Heidi Shannon) as his student. [10] Like Katarn, Jade is a previous participant of the Galactic Empire, however signed up with the New Republic to end up being a Jedi Knight. [12]
The video game starts in a New Republic outpost where Katarn is educating Jade, when Imperial forces attack the base. The gamer takes control of Katarn to safeguard the base from the stormtroopers and obtain to the command. As soon as there, it is revealed that an evacuation could not take location as a result of barrage by huge weapons from two nearby asteroids. Katarn leaves Jade behind as he travels to the asteroids to ruin them.

Hereafter section of the game, the gamer takes control of Jade. Katarn reveals that he has actually found details about the whereabouts of a Sith temple on Dromund Kaas. He leaves for the temple, and in the meantime, Jade needs to handle brand-new assignments for the Republic and continue her studies of the Force.

Jade completes her objectives for the Republic, however hears that Katarn has actually broken call. She visits Dromund Kaas to find and attempt out just what has actually occurred to him. At the holy place she finds that Katarn has been damaged by the power of the dark side found within the holy place. Falling short to convince him to reverse, Jade battles him in a lightsaber battle which finally turns him far from the dark path, as she releases her lightsaber and he finds he can not go through with eliminating her.


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